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Welcome to fxshinee, a community dedicated to the romantic relationships between SHINee and f(x) members. Here you can post fanfictions, graphics or icons, fanvideos, and any other fanmade material relating to these two groups only.


01. Keep your posts on topic. Meaning the fanfictions, graphics, fanvideos, and other fanmade materials must contain a crossover with SHINee and f(x), no exceptions. There can also be side pairings of any kind but f(SHINee) should be the main focus. If you're not sure whether or not your post falls under that category, ask the mod.

02. No plagiarism of any kind will be tolerated. If you are caught, you will immediately be banned from this community.

03. Be nice. No flaming or insulting other members and/or their work. Intolerance of any kind will be promptly banned.

04. Tag your entries. We have a strict tag system that you must follow, which you can find here.

05. Do not change the default font size, color, and face for your posts.

06. Do not link to locked posts or to posts that will be locked in the near future. Posts of this nature will be promptly deleted, and the author given a warning. On the other hand, please lock R/NC-17 rated works to the community by 48 hours after posted. If not locked by then, your entry will be promptly deleted, no questions asked. With the exception, entries linking to personal journals must remain public in the expanse of 72 hours before they are to be locked.

07. Conserve space and everyone's f-lists. LJ-cut anything and everything. Do not spam the community and post an entry for each update if it is possible to just update the most recent one.

08. Please obtain permission first before posting an advertisement or a project.

09. All images must be 300x100 pixels maximum. If larger, they must go under an lj-cut.

10. In order to keep the community looking neat, this is what you must add when posting your fanfiction:


Failure to meet any of these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban from this community. For more detailed information regarding the rules, posting and tagging guide, please refer to this post and this post as well.


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